Friday, 17 April 2009

Ski Full Of Fitness Programme

Something completely random, because I felt like it.

"Sitting crossed-legged on the floor, with your back straight, and your hands on your knees. Turn your head to the right on the count of 1, turn it to the left on the count of 2. Now roll it downwards and circle it to the right on the count of 3 & 4. Repeat all that to the left. Then, alternate sides. Are you ready?? Here we go!"

If you think you can manage that, then you need this - the Ski Full Of Fitness Programme. Given away, in the early 80's, by sending away six yoghurt pot lids or something. It's cheesy beyond belief, but completely brilliant & hilarious at the same time.


Into (Ski Yoghurt Theme)
Everybody Get Up
I'm Gonna Live Forever (Fame)
You're The One That I Want
Don't Stop That Crazy Rhythm



Janiels said...

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