Wednesday, 15 April 2009

East 17 - West End Girls

From 1993, this was a cover of the Pet Shop Boys 1985 hit "West End Girls" and was the 5th single released by British boyband East 17. The track continued the success that the band were having that year, following on from "Deep" (UK #3) and "Slow It Down" (UK #13). "West End Girls" peaked at #11 in the UK, and #4 in Australia.

The band would have a further hit that year, "Alright" which peaked at #3 in the UK, and reached #1 in Australia & Latvia.


West End Girls (Faces On Posters Mix)
West End Girls (X Club Cut)
West End Girls (Kicking In Chairs Mix)
West End Girls (Surprisingly Butch Mix)
West End Girls (Knocking Down Tables Mix)
West End Girls (Crystal Clear Mix)