Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Repost requests

Many of you seem to be having problems with downloading from zshare. I'm not going to replace all the zshare links, but if there is a particular post that you cannot download, or the links are dead then please leave a comment & request it here. I shall then do my best to re-upload the post.



Anonymous said...

Would be most grateful if you can re-upload;
Brother Beyond
Carol Hitchcock
The Three Degrees


Anonymous said...

I'd appreciate it if you could please repost Sheena Easton 'Giving up giving in' single. Many thanks

Anonymous said...

Could you post the La Toya "(Tell Me) He Means Nothing At All"

Consolecharlie said...

Hey Pop Gems, I'm very happy to see that you've decided to continue on :D

Don't suppose there's any chance of re-upping the Toni Basil albums. I had a bit of a PC accident and I lost all my data, including the albums :S

Anonymous said...

Hello Pop Gems :D

My request:
D Train: Music
Soul REBELLION: Simple Rhythm
Bernadette WASHINGTON: Straight to my heart
Oscare: Reconsider
Ferrante & Co: Can you feel it
Chris Coady: Alone
Alta Dustin: One Man Woman
Eartha Kitt - Where Is My Man (another link please)

Thanks ;)

nojarama said...

Could you repost the "Donna Summer - When Love Takes Over You" remixes etc.(using Rapidshare or something other than Zshare- they seem to be corrupt the past few weeks)?


itsryry said...

Any chance of reposting the two Michaela Strachan tracks (H.A.P.P.Y Radio and Take Good Care Of My Heart)? I'd really appreciate that! Really pleased to see the blog back too!


Anonymous said...

hi, could you please repost bananarama venus the greatest remix desire dub?
thanks so much!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Gems
Could repost all the Betty Boo links please, none seem to be working.


slickeeboy said...

Could you please repost the Take That remixes Everything Changes and Sure. I would be most grateful.


ricloads said...

please repost cherry's magic holiday. i've referred friends to your awesome site to see this song.

Xian said...

I would like to request re-posts of Betty Boo.

I also second any requests for SAW stuff.


Anonymous said...

Hi pop gems. I don't suppose you have Big Fun II doing Stomp. I loved this song after seeing it on the Chart Show one Saturday Morning but it seemed my record shop never had it .. and I think it bummed out of the charts or was withdrawn :(!

Anonymous said...

Hi i would be most grateful if you could repost Pepsi & Shirlie - All Right Now as link is not working

Thank You

michael said...

Please re-post Get Real by The Reynolds Girls. Thank you.

Mark said...

Hi Gavin
Could you repost the Radio Edit of the Mandy Smith track Don't you Want Me Baby?
Cheers mate,

Anonymous said...

Hi Popgems. Do you have Liza's Don't Drop Bombs especially the "Peace and Love" and "Exterminator" mixes?

Anonymous said...

This is a great blog!
Here I found many of the songs that are really hard to find now. I have them on vinyl records from the 80s...

Would it be possible to re-post the soundtrack of Girls just want to have fun on rapidshare, please?
zshare functions badly...

I'm also looking for these:
Sophie Lawrence - Love's unkind
Akasa - One night in my life

Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

Would be most grateful if you can re-upload:
michael prince -dance your love away

Anonymous said...

Can you re-upload the links of Hazell Dean?
Many,many thanks

Anonymous said...

Could you repost the single version of Michael Price "Dance your love away" ?
Many,many thanks.I
I love that web!!!

toyboy said...

Would be most grateful if you can re-upload the links of Sinitta

Roberto said...

Is it possible to re-upload bobbysocks - let it swing (extended)?

much better said...

Hello, Pop Gems!
I always thank you for the sharin'.
My request are...

DARK GLASSES--Edwina Laurie
SAY IT AGAIN--The Danse Society
I CAN PROVE IT--Phil Fearon
SAMBA--Georgie Fame
WOW WOW - NA NA--Grand Plaz
MAGIC'S BACK--Malcolm McLaren & Alison Limerick
SLAM JAM--WWF Superstars
DID I SAY "TI AMO"?--Fresh
ONE VOICE--Bill Tarmey

All the single/7" mix.

Please Upload them.
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Could you post the links of the hazell dean's "Turn it into love" and "always doesn't mean forever"
Many thanks

Anonymous said...

Can you repost the link of Cliff Richard "I just don't have a heart" ?


Anonymous said...

I Would be most grateful if you can re-upload : Michael Davidson "Turn it up"

Anonymous said...

Could you repost the Samantha Fox "I promise you(Get ready)" ?
Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

do you happen to have Level 42 - Heaven In My Hands (Extended Version)

Anonymous said...

Could you repost the links of :
Desireless - Voyage ,voyage
Debbie Harry - Sweet and low
Sabrina Salerno - All of me
E.G Daily - Mind over matter

Many thanks in advance!!!

Anonymous said...

Please re-upload timerider - cocoon

andy2639 said...

Please re-upload:

ben liebrand - the eve of the war deepspace mix
bill withers - lovely day 88 sunshine mix
sonia - boogie nights extended club mix
mel & kim - im the one who really loves you stardom groove club mix
kylie minogue - made in heaven maid in england mix
kylie minogue - made in heaven heaven scent 12 mix
mandy smith - boys and girls pwl extended mix
mandy smith - boys and girls remix
mel & kim - thats the way it is acid house remix
mel & kim - thats the way it is club mix
mel & kim - thats the way it is original 12 version
desireless - voyage voyage pwl 12 mix
damian - the time warp pwl 12 remix
tell it to my heart tony de vit club mix
tell it to my heart tony de vit trade mIX

Many thanks

andy2639 said...

Please re-upload:-

kylie minogue - things can only get better 12 remix
vanilla - true to us xenomania remix
e.g. daily - mind over matter extended version
kylie minogue - getting closer extended mix
five star - the slightest touch the pettibone touch remix
disco la passione adams and gielen 12 inch mix
kim appleby - free spirit tony king club remix

Thanks again

andy2639 said...

Please also re-upload:-

mel & kim - showing out get fresh at the weekend club mix
mel & kim - showing out get fresh at the weekend freehold mix
mel & kim - showing out get fresh at the weekend the italo house 90 remix
kakko - we should be dancing 12 pwl mix
kakko - we should be dancing see saw mix
deborah harry - sweet and low phil harding 12 inch mix
sabrina - all of me extended mix
sabrina - all of me gen-oh-a mix
dolly dots - what a night pwl extended mix
kylie minogue - never too late
jakie quartz - a la vie a lamour
pepsi shirlie - goodbye stranger
corona - try me out

Many many thanks

andy2639 said...

Sorry, just one last requests to upload:-

Owen Paul - My Favourite Waste Of Time

Cheers (again)

godlizza said...

Hi, this blog is awesome! Sorry I posted a couple of requests in the Chat Box...I didn't see the message below it until afterwards. :x

Could you please reupload Luciana's single (I had no idea this existed :o) and both Vanilla singles? Thank you, thank you. <3 Help yourself to my blog, http://www.godlizza.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Ok, I was hitting the wrong button. Please repost Dance Aid - Give, Give, Give and Brand New Heavies - You are the Universe. Appreciate it very much. Thank you in advance.

Kit said...

thank you so much for this blog of yours. they don't make these kind of music anymore... dance music from the 80's and 90's had the rhythm and beat unlike the music nowadays. we don't have the kind of music of Ceejay, S-Connections, Real Power (Trust), etc. anymore and its just so hard to find them. Thank you so much again.

Luke said...

Thanks for all these awesome 80s tracks which I have on vinyl but not CD...

I'd be hugely grateful if you could repost the Pepsi & Shirlie zshare links and the Mel & KIm I'm The One Who Really Loves you mixes.

For some reason, when i try to download them, it says the download is starting but actually just returns to the first screen.... thanks

Kit said...

would appreciate if you can upload again Sweet Female Attitude -
Flowers, and also Brand New Heavies. Thank you so much again

godlizza said...

Could you please re-up Kym Sims "We Gotta Love"? :)

adrian666 said...

Hi there,
The Cathy Dennis "West End Pad" CD single link is broken. Although the file isn't marked as 'not found' by zshare, the file is actually not downloadable anymore. It would be great if you can re-upload it.

Best regards,

Anonymous said...

Awesome blog you have there. Could you please report Eighth Wonder's remixes of Cross My Heart?

Many thanks!

Filip said...

I LOVE the site!

I would also love one of the 12" mixes of S/A/Ws S.S Paparazzi!

Thank you!

Stevie said...

Hi there,

it's a great blog. Brings back loads of memories. Thank You!
Any chance that you may have these following Mel & Kim mixes?

Showing Out (Get Fresh At The Weekend) (The Italo House Mix - Version Single/Radio)

System (House Mix/Senzavoce [7”) (b-side to Showing Out 7”)

Respectable (Instrumental) (b-side to 7”)

FLM (F.L.M. (Instrumental) [Dub Mix, Fade] (b-side to FLM 7”)

I’m The One Who Really Loves You (Vocal/Pop Radio Mix [Short] 2.53
I’m The One Who Really Loves You (Pop Radio [Long] 3.45
I’m The One Who Really Loves You (Vocal/Hip Hop Pop Radio) 3.57

Megamix Ninety (Version Single/Radio)

Thanks ever so much!

Duke said...

I Love the site. If you get time get you please repost the Grace Jones "Pull Up To My Bumper" Remix. Thanks in advance

Stefan said...

Have been looking for "Viva La Vogue" by Army Of Lovers. Do you have this track?
Thank you so much.

clayboii said...

hiya..I would be really greatful if you reposted your liza minelli posts...have tried to download them but just go around in circles in zshare..very frustrating..cheers

shimmo said...

Hello! I would very thankful and happy to have "Zoë - Lightning", I left a comment before trying to download but zshare loops and loops. Its a great song we loved it here since it came out. Thank you!

The Fried Pickle said...

Can you please re-upload Liza M. - Dont Drop Bombs 12'' single. thanks so much !

proyland said...

Any chance you have "Staem" by East 17?

thank you

clayboii said...

Can you please reload Dont Drop Boms by Liza Minnelli and if possible post The Way You Make Me Feel by Michael Jackson



Anonymous said...

hi is there any chance you can re-upload the aneka album - thank you so much for the fab blog

proyland said...

Thanks for the East 17 Upload!

Do you have:

No Mercy - Please Don't Go (Por Favor)

Anonymous said...

I would like to request a repost of Cathy Dennis' West End Pad single - specifically the two non-album b-side tracks, Baggage and Run Like A River. Thanks!

Love your site!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Great site, could you PLEEEEEZ Cheryl Baker's Sensuality and Black Box's Fantasy? Thanx a million! (And thanx for bringin' back some fantastic memories!)

Anonymous said...

Hi, please maybe you can re-upload Bad from the one and only Dame Edna Everage!

Nicksintothegroove said...

I love your blog & often find things I've been looking for for years. If you have Mariah Carey's Someday could you post that? The new jack swing mix was always my fav & it seems to be the hardest thing to find these days. I would appreciate it soo soo much! Keep up the great work!

robin1 said...

could u please repost East 17 - Deep? thanks in advance

tiz said...

can't find the d-mob album anywhere,anybody have this please?

Anonymous said...

Paul: Do you have the 7" Single B side to the 1989 Comic Relief single 'Help!' by Bananarama & LaLaleneenoo. I am after the single mix BUT without the Lalaleeneenoo vocals (it was called 'Help' and was the B side on the single - it featured only the Nana's vocals please help if you can! Thanks so much :)

Anonymous said...

Do you have the 7" Single B side to the 1989 Comic Relief single 'Help!' by Bananarama & LaLaleneenoo. I am after the single mix (side B) BUT without the Lalaleeneenoo vocals (it was called 'Help' and was the B side on the single - it featured only Bananarama's vocals please help if you can! Thanks so much :)

Anonymous said...

Thx a mil for the Cheryl Baker Sensuality repost!! It's added a whole new dimension to my ipod!

Anonymous said...

Is there a chance you can repost the Swwt Femal Attitude Flowers Links, They appear to be dead...
Thanks, I love the site....

joe said...

Hi, sorry sent an e-mail directly and then saw your comment on blog about requests. I am trying to download the five star links : if i say yes, somewhere somebody, find the time, with every heartbeat and there's a brand new world. i would be grateful if you could upload them again. Used to have all their 12''s but lost them in house fire. thanks again, joe

kirk said...

hi, its apollo zero.. can you relink/post lulu's hurt me so bad?

Thanks,how you been?


Didrick said...

Hey could you reupload the Gina G - "I Belong To You" mixes please? I would love to hear them but unfortunately zShare doesn't let me download them anymore. I hope this can be fixed. :)

Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

hello my name is alexandre from france,l'll contact you because l love lisa stanfield with change,l find the remix version the driza bone remix,unhappy links are dead,please can you reactive links from lisa stanfield,only driza bone remix,thanks to your helping very thanks,or you can send me link to

Consolecharlie said...

Wasn't sure if this was for new music posts too but I was wondering if you could upload Kim Appleby's albums if you have them? Thanks :)

John Michael said...

Hey there!! Your blog is SICK!! I've been sitting here for hours DLing and DLing!! Amazing!! If you could please Repost these, I would be EVER so greatful!!

Kariya - Let Me Love You For Tonight (Juniors Club Mix)

Livin Joy - Dreamer (Juniors Instrumental)

Thanks again!!

Anonymous said...

Hi M8. This is a great blog.

Is there any chance you could re-upload this:-


thanks ever so much. Keep up the good work

"C" said...

Hello there, Could you repost the Cheeky Girls - Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum)? "Pretty Please!!"
The links have expired :-(

I can't find this cd single anywhere online for download. I would greatly appreciate it. I really do enjoy your blog, it's really cool with great old, hard to find, retro, funny stuff.

C aka Mando

musicdivaSF said...

Hello Pop Gems, Saw that you have Such A Wicked Love by La Toya Jackson on here. By chance, do you have the track 'Just Say No' from here 1988 album entitled La Toya.

Much appreciation and more power to you.

"C" said...

Can you repost these links? Sorry for being pesky. :-)

davis said...

hey! any chance you could repost vanilla "no way no way"? i've been looking for this for awhile! thanks

jonathan said...

please could you repost chain reaction by diana ross?

"C" said...

Some queen here post on my blog about wanting to eat my loads? LOL!!!!

Gwenn said...

I'd like to complete my Samantha Fox collection, so if you could repost : SOX - Go For The Heart, I'd be very grateful. Thanks

WWEBEAR said...

Hey! Love your blog! Could you please repost the "let me be free remixes by samantha fox? id really appreciate it. Thank you so much

Rich said...

Hello! What a fabulous site! Could you please repost the Pepsi & Shirley stuff, as well as Hot Gossip and Jackie Quartz? Here's hoping! x

Ray said...

Please upload DARK GLASSES--Edwina Laurie

Ray said...

Please post DARK GLASSES--Edwina Laurie

Anonymous said...

Hello, your site rules ! I think that the link for Sox's "Go For The Heart" is dead... I'm looking for this song for many years (15 years actually !) and it would be great to re-post it ! Thank you in advance !

paulfinlay29 said...

hi there great site! could i request a re-load of the pepsi and shirlie album "change" and - if possible - the b-sides that you inclued in the upload of their other album "album right now". ive just bought a copy all right now ebay so got the main tracks, the b-sides would be a great bonus to have to go with it!

many thanks.

paulfinlay29 said...

eeek! apologies for my poor grammar etc in my last post. hope you managed to make sense of it, but let me know if not !!!

paulfinlay29 said...

hi again, just tried the links again tonight and im having a lot more luck... thank you so much! ive downloaded a stack of pepsi & shirlie that id never be able to get hold of otherwise.

could i ask one question though? am still having problems with the "change" download on megaupload. ive tried it a few times now and it so very nearly works. i get asked whether to open or save and after i choose save it then thinks about it for a moment and then i get a message saying windows cannot display the page. sorry to be a pain, only for me the "change" album is the holy grail of pepsi & shirlie's music and id really love to be able to hear the tunes on here!

cheers again

paulfinlay29 said...

if at first you dont succeed!

having gotten so close (but yet so far) i couldnt help but keep trying... and guess what? i finally succeeded!

thanks again im going to enjoy these tunes so much, you would not believe it :o)

the saucer people said...

It would be splendid if you could repost the original & remix versions of 'I Lost My Heart To A Starship Trooper':


Many thanks in anticipation, I appreciate this isn't a free version of Itunes so no worries if you are unable to do it as I have already found a couple of gems I have been searching for ages and I am dancing around the room to the Downtown 88 remix (not a pretty sight once you hit forty!)

Anonymous said...


please repost:

Kim Wilde - Hey Mister Heartache

Thank you

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the above. Hey Mr. Heartache with Kim Wilde.
That would've been awsome!


Anonymous said...

I'd really appreciate it if you could reupload the Tongue Tied single, I've been looking everywhere for it.


Anonymous said...

could you please re-upload the livin joy/dreamer remixes. Thanx so much

Anonymous said...

could you please reupload the livin joy/ dreamer remixes.thanx

Buffalo said...

How about the Aneka album? Please and thank you.

steveywalker said...

Hey - wondering if you would have Chanelle - One Man. Remixes include ones from Lovelands.

Sean said...

Is there anyway that you could repost the Liza Minelli singles! Those are so awesome! The Grace Jones would be great too!

Funky Cat said...

Not sure if your site is still active. I'm desesperatly looking for the mp3 of a Five Star instrumental B-side from the 12'' called There's a Brand New World.

Do you have it

Anonymous said...

Hi Pop Gems. I just discovered your great site but unfortunately a little too late because a few of the links are dead. If you could re-upload those Pepsi & Shirlie links, that would be really awesome..Thanks again and cheers from Frank in California..

michaeldila said...

hi, could you please re-post the diana ross "paradise" remixes? thanks so much!

Essex said...


Love your site, could you please repost the Michaela Strachan songs, used to love these but I've lost them.

Many thanks,

joe said...

Hey Jemboy, also any chance of a re-up of the Kim Wilde - Hey Mr. Heartache. I'm especially after the 7'' Version & KIlowatt Remix. Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

could you please repost Girls Just Want To Have Fun soundtrack?

Anonymous said...

LOVE THIS BLOG! could you pls repost
PEPSI & SHIRLIE cant give me love extended version on rapidshare or mediafire pls.. Thank UUUUU

Anonymous said...

can you please repost Naughty Girls Need Love Too By Samantha Fox? Thanks!

Greg said...

could you re post the Gina G Every TIme I Fall mixes please?

Anonymous said...

Any chance of reuploading Opus III's
I Talk To The Wind (The Transcendent Mix)? http://popgems.blogspot.mx/2008/04/opus-iii-i-talk-to-wind.html Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hello Popjems
Any chance of reposting the the following links, If so that would be great1
Thank You

Tina Turner - Whatever You Want
Lulu - Hurt Me So Bad
Five Star - links
Gina G - Links
Martha Wash - Give It To You
Dusty Springfield - In Private
Kim Wilde - Loved
Cathy Dennis - Irresistible
Kim Wilde - Hey Mister Heartache
Pepsi & Shirlie - All Right Now

Jedeye said...


I would be very grateful if you could repost. Jody Watley - Don't You Want Me. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi - any chance you could repost Vanilla's True To Us? Thank you!


Hey this is awesome! Could you repost the Toni Basil album please! I can't find it anywhere!

Neelen said...

Please would you re-post Diana Ross (Shep Pettibone) remixes, if possible at a higher bitrate maybe 320kbps. I am willing to pay.

steve parr said...

Hi Pop Gems,
There is some fabulous stuff on here that is quite hard to get hold of. Pity that a lot of the links have been taken down. I would personally love to have the Avenging Posse Remix of Kinky Boots. If a re-post is possible that would be fantastic. Thank you again for a brilliant site.

steve parr said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
steve parr said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
hi said...

Can you please repost Sheena Easton- Giving Up, Giving In?

Anonymous said...

UPDATE: KYM SIMS is back & is currently working with 4 time Grammy Award winner/producer Maurice Joshua. The NEW dance track is called "Good Morning." Check out her new single and be sure to visit her website and show your support!

Kym Sims Official Website: www.kymsims.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/thewell10
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Kymrusselldiva1

madico said...

Hi could you please reupload

Kim Wilde - Who Do You Think You Are?


Anonymous said...

hi,can you please put a new link on girls just want to have fun soundtrack,all the links are dead,thanks.

Anonymous said...

Could you please re-up links for the Debbie Harry and the Blondie tracks? Many thanks

Anonymous said...

Any chance of a reload of Jody Watley Dont u want me. links are dead : 9

Frank (is not my name) said...

Hey - are you able to re-upload

Betty Boo - 24 Hours
Betty Boo - I'm on my way

All the current links seem dead

Cheers ;-)

Anonymous said...

Can you reupload


MaJic said...

If you could please repost Tina Turner's Whatever You Want

Anonymous said...

Hi _ any chance you can re-do the links for Cathy Dennis Irresistible 12" mixes? Thank you. why oh why have they never seen the light of day on cd?!

Anonymous said...

hello popgem, my request would be the update of the link to the 'change" album by pepsi & shirlie. and while doing it, the update to all of their singles too! :)) thank you so much in advance!!!!!!

Steve said...

any chance of getting Thereza Bazar - The Big Kiss re-upped? thanks

Oni Yumul said...

Can you re-upload Cathy Dennis' You Lied To Me and Irresistible? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey there! Any chance of re-uploading Michaela Strachan's H.A.P.P.Y. Radio 12" single, with its extended mix and Time Flies? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi is there any chance of a repost of the

Dannii Minogue - Love And Kisses mixes?

Looking to get a copy of the acapella that is on it? Thank you!

Oni Yumul said...

Please re-upload the Cathy dennis remixes. Thanks.

daveprince37 said...

Please can you please re-up the two Pepsi & Shirlie albums (All Right Now & Change)

Thank you in advance