Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Timerider - Cocoon

Originally recorded in 1985, 'Cocoon' was used at the theme tune to the late 80's UK club music show 'The Hitman & Her', hosted by Pete Waterman (of Stock Aitken Waterman fame) and Michaela Strachan. It also featured in the 1988 movie 'The Fruit Machine'.


Cocoon (12" Version)

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Jellybean feat Elisa Fiorillo - Who Found Who

Taken from his album 'Just Visiting This Planet', this track was a big hit in 1987 and featured vocalist Elisa Fiorillo. Jellybean had further success from the album with the track 'Jingo', although he is probably most well known as the producer of many early Madonna tracks.


Who Found Who (7'' Edit)
Who Found Who (U.S. Club Mix)

Ray Parker Jr - Ghostbusters

A huge hit for Ray Parker Jr in 1984, taken from the movie of the same name. A classic tune for a classic movie. Who you gonna call??


Ghostbusters (Radio Version)
Ghostbusters (Extended Version)
Ghostbusters (Dub Version)

Monday, 28 January 2008

Loose Ends - Mr.Bachelor

From 1988, this track should've been a much bigger hit than it was. (It only reached #50 in the UK charts.) Great 80's pop funk.


Mr.Bachelor (Single Version)

Bobbysocks - Let It Swing

Bobbysocks were a Norwegian duo, and they won the 1985 Eurovision Song Contest with this track. Very poppy, and VERY Eurovision!


Let It Swing
Let It Swing (Extended Version)

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Patric - Love Me

Former boyband 'Worlds Apart' member Marcus Patrick (who at the time went under the name of 'Patric') released this Cappella produced solo single in 1994. He has since gone on to become a successful model and actor.


7" Radio Mix
Capella Mix
Mars Plastic Mix
Plus Staples Mix
DJ Pierre Mix

Fleetwood Mac - Family Man

Taken from their 1987 album 'Tango In The Night', this track was 4th of the SIX singles released from it.


Family Man (Album Version)
Family Man (Extended Guitar Remix)

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Repost requests

Many of you seem to be having problems with downloading from zshare. I'm not going to replace all the zshare links, but if there is a particular post that you cannot download, or the links are dead then please leave a comment & request it here. I shall then do my best to re-upload the post.