Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Barbara Windsor - Grin And Bare It

"So i got out me lotion and went to the ocean, I was tanning meself on the front. Me little bikini was really quite teeny, but it seemed to be bearing the brunt. But I slipped on a cornette, and thought 'Ooh that's torn it!' I could feel I was losing me top. I looked a right clown, me defences were down, and me show began to flop!"

From 1972, "Grin And Bare It" is one of those saucy 70's novelty records that seemed to flood that era. It was backed with the cockney-charm filled track, "Cheeky Sorta' Bird". At the time, Barbara Windsor was best known for starring in the successful "Carry On" movies. These days she's better known as Peggy Mitchell in the BBC soap "Eastenders".

Although "Grin And Bare It" wasn't a hit, Barbara Windsor did have a minor hit in 1999 alongside her Eastenders co-star Mike Reid, with the track "The More I See You" which reached #46 in the UK charts.


Grin And Bare It
Cheeky Sorta' Bird

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