Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Five Star - Another Weekend

This was the first single from Five Star's 1988 album 'Rock The World'. The song peaked at #18 on the UK singles chart but reached #1 on the UK dance chart. Opting for a harder edge, leather clad rock sound, this change in music style shocked many fans and critics alike. The band had been accused of removing themselves from their unique style of pop which had made them famous. All the women in the group had hair extensions for their new image, with lead singer Denise opting for long blond extensions.

All these changes would eventually prove a mistake career wise for Five Star as the next few singles would not fare as well as previous releases. The 'Rock The World' album fared well (reaching UK #17), but did not have the staying power of previous albums. Despite of all this, 'Another Weekend' is a tasty slice of late 80's dance pop.


Another Weekend
Another Weekend (Friday Night Mix)
Another Weekend (Friday Night Dub)
Another Weekend (Saturday Night Mix)

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Anonymous said...

Alwasy loved this tune!!! thanks for posting.

Jemboy said...

I LOVE 5 star and this track thanks for the mixes.

jamesgiraffe said...

I love this song. I always thought it sounded very Janet Jackson. Did you notice that instead of the Friday Night Dub, you have actually posted the b-side, "The Mews"?

Thanks anyway though, it's all still good!

Anonymous said...

where is link?