Monday, 13 April 2009

Doop - Doop

Doop was a dance music production act from the Netherlands who scored an international club hit, as well as a UK Singles Chart #1 and a #2 Billboard Dance/Club hit, in 1994 with their title track "Doop".

The band consisted of producers Ferry Ridderhof and Peter Garnefski. The techno/house music song was influenced by 1920s dance, the Charleston, and is most remembered for its lyrics which kept repeating the 'Doop' name over a big band sampling. The duo were also responsible for the Australian gabber/hardcore Number One, "Here's Johnny", under the name Hocus Pocus in early 1995.

The follow up single under this band name was entitled "Huckleberry Jam" and reached #95 on the UK Singles Chart.


Doop (Urge 2 Merge Radio Mix)
Doop (Jean Lejeux Radio Mix)
Doop (Sidney Berlin Ragtime Radio Edit)
Doop (Mother Remix)
Doop (Judge Jules And Michael Skin Remix)