Thursday, 23 April 2009

Kim Appleby - If You Cared

From 1991, this was the final single to be released from Kim Appleby's debut album. After scoring a #2 hit in 1990 with her debut single "Don't Worry", and the #10 hit "G.L.A.D." in early 1991, Appleby had struggled with her single releases. "Mama" peaked at #19, and "If You Cared" failed to hit the top 40, peaking at #44 in the UK charts.

In 1988, Mel & Kim appeared on the UK chat show "Wogan" to launch "UK Cancer Week". They were interviewed about their career and Mel's cancer treatment. They talked about future plans, and performed a brief acapella of what would become "If You Cared". If you'd like to see the interview, watch it on youtube HERE. :)


If You Cared (7" Remix)
If You Cared (12" Ben Chapman Mix)
If You Cared (12" Remix)



Jef said...

This is one of my favorite Kim Appleby songs. It should have charted better. I love the melody and the Don't-Mess-With-Me-Matey attitude.

Great job on the blog, by the way.

Consolecharlie said...

Love the Kim Appleby tracks you've been uploading. Any chance you could upload her albums if you have them thanks :D

Anonymous said...

thanx so much!

bernin said...

thanks for posting this and including the link to that clip on you tube. it's sad to think of all the great music that mel & kim would have continued to make had it not been for the cancer.

Anonymous said...

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