Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Sweet Sensation - Love Child

A request from me. Does anyone have the single versions of "Hooked On You", "Never Let You Go", "Sincerely Yours", "Take It While It's Hot" & "Victim Of Love". If so, please contact me.

Sweet Sensation were a female dance music trio who specialized in freestyle from 1987 until 1991. Group members were Betty LeBron and sisters Margie and Mari Fernandez. Previous hits included "Hooked on You" (US #64), "Sincerely Yours" (US #14) & "Hooked on You" (US #23)

"Love Child", a cover of the 1968 hit from Diana Ross & The Supremes was the title track from their second album and peaked at #15 in the US charts. They would have a US #1 with their next single "If Dreams Come True".


Love Child (Single Version)
Love Child (Extended Version)



Anonymous said...

jus to let you know that there are different single versions from their first album...due to the album being released then re released and the studio cleaned up the initial released versions...they sound similar but there are bridge differences...ive tried searching it for you and it seems theres no luck...i always see copies of the cd in used cd stores...maybe try there...and if you really want the single versions youll have to look for the 12 inch vinyl or 45 records to get them...or cassette single versions...there were never any cd singles for the songs back then

Anonymous said...

actually FYI...i got all the vinyl 12 inch singles and they are available online if u search...a great site to reference them is on DISCOGS...sometimes searching nowadays links are being blocked by advertisement ur KEYWORDS are key in looking them up (especially the name of the remix)...the cassette singles are a roadblock...the only singles on cassette that had different versions were Love Child, Take it while its hot, & Sincerely Yours...Hooked on you original version was the group adlibs in the bridge...the one with the male rapper was a re-issue of the song...and Victim of love was kind of their first 12 inch vinyl release (before they even made an album) and only way u can get those remixes are from vinyl...there was a remix album but the remix that stood out was the house ish remix of Sincerely Yours...the rest of the album became a house club disaster...oh lastly the first album...the original versions were only on cassette & vinyl...the re-issue was on CD due to the fact that CD technology was becoming more the norm and cassettes & vinyl were slowly on their way out. Hope this information helps...