Monday, 24 November 2008

Vanilla - No Way No Way

Vanilla was a 4 member girl band which released 2 singles in the late 90's. Their debut single "No Way No Way" was based on Piero Umilani's "Mah Na Mah Na". At the time they were one of the many girl groups that had popped up in the wave of the Spice Girls. The song peaked at #14 in the UK charts in December 1997.

Though ridiculed at the time, this track is still remembered more than 10 years after its release but quite often referred to as one of the worst pop records of all time. They released a further single "True To Us" and then were unceremoniousy dropped from their record label.


No Way No Way (Original Radio Edit)
No Way No Way (Progress Radio Edit)
No Way No Way (Progress Fromage Mix)
No Way No Way (Disco Kats Mix)
No Way No Way (Xenomania 12" Mix)



godlizza said...

YES!!! Thank you so much for reuploading both of their singles! <3

Anonymous said...

A fantastically “so bad it’s good” song. I remember their shambolic unsynchronised performance of this on Top of the Pops. Is it true they were created as a bet between record executives to see whether they could get a hit with such an amateurish act?