Saturday, 1 November 2008

Samantha Janus - A Message To Your Heart

This track was the UK entry for the 1991 Eurovision Song Contest. It took the tenth-place slot with 47 points. It was the worst showing for the United Kingdom since 1987. After Eurovision, the song placed at #30 on the UK Singles Chart. The b-side was "Heaven Is A Place For Heroes".

Janus went on to become a successful actress, but despite her achievements, her entry into the Eurovision is frequently remarked upon. She has said regarding the experience that her failure in the contest devastated her at the time and thought it would spell the end of her career. She has also called her appearance 'ridiculous', in that she was dressed in a pink mini-dress while singing about starving children and says the lyrics of the song are burned into her memory forever.


A Message To Your Heart
A Message To Your Heart (Extended Version)
Heaven Is Place For Heroes


*Thanks to Danny for the Extended Version & the b-side, and to Mark for the regular version.


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