Monday, 17 November 2008

La Toya Jackson - Such A Wicked Love

From 1988, "Such A Wicked Love" was taken from La Toya Jackson's 5th album "La Toya". For its release the track was given a remix by its producers, hip-hop production team Full Force. It was released on a 12" single in the U.S. but failed to gain an audience and never charted. No video was filmed for the song.

It's certainly one of the strong tracks from the "La Toya" album, and in my humble opinion "Such A Wicked Love" certainly deserved much greater success than it received. It's an awesome hip-hop 80's pop-dance track, and is certainly on par with anything her more famous brother & sister were releasing at the time. Well worth a listen, and definitely one of my favourites - a deserved Pop Gem.


Such A Wicked Love (7" Version)
Such A Wicked Love (F.F. Remix)
Such A Wicked Love (Instrumental)
Such A Wicked Love (Album Version)