Monday, 24 November 2008

Andy Williams - Where Do I Begin (Love Story)

From 1971, this was the theme tune to the 1970 hit movie "Love Story". The track gave Andy Williams a top ten hit with it peaking at #4 in the UK charts.

In 1979, in the midst of the dance craze, a disco version of the song was released. Unfortunately it wasn't a success. I think though, it was Andy Williams only venture into dance/club music!


Where Do I Begin (Love Story)
Where Do I Begin (Love Story) (Disco Version)



jactarus said...

Great stuff !

I didn't even know a dance version existed !


Eric said...

Genius. I love Andy Williams and this is just one more reason to love this site. It keeps surprising.

Anonymous said...

This song,in it's 12 inch Disco version,is incredible! Andy's voice is in great shape,proof he can hold up to the then new vocalists!