Saturday, 22 November 2008

Girls at Play

Girls@Play were a British five-piece girl group, consisting of Vicky Dowdall, Lisa-Jayne White, Rita Simons, Lynsey Shaw and Shelley Nash. They were produced by Mike Stock & Matt Aitken of former Stock Aitken Waterman fame.

Each member of the band had a different character that they played in their music videos. Dowdall played a cowgirl, White an executive, Simons a mechanic, Shaw a New York City traffic cop and Nash a pilot.

Debut single "Airhead" peaked at #18 in the UK charts in February 2001. Their second single was a cover version of the Mel & Kim hit "Respectable". The track stalled at #29 in the UK charts in October 2001. A third single, "Brand New Car" was planned and even performed on promotional tours. The track was never released as the band split-up in November 2001.

Since the split, other tracks from the band have leaked onto the internet. These include the planned third single "Brand New Car", "Everything I Need", "Outta My Head" and also a cover of the Donna Summer/Stock Aitken Waterman track "When Love Takes Over You".

Former member Rita Simons is now famous for playing Roxy Mitchell in the UK soap-opera "Eastenders".

I don't have these in any higher quality. If anyone does, then please do contact me.


Airhead (Piston Radio Mix)
Brand New Car
Everything I Need
When Love Takes Over You
Outta My Head
Respectable (Extended Mix)
Airhead (Extended Rodeo Mix)
Respectable (The System 3 Mix)


*Thanks to licho_steps on muzicmatters for these.