Friday, 7 November 2008

Sophie Lawrence - Secrets

From 1991, "Secrets" was to be the second single released from Sophie Lawrence following the success of her #21 hit "Love's Unkind". The track was a cover version of a song that had been featured on Kylie Minogue's "Rhythm Of Love" album. Sophie's version was produced by Nigel Wright & Stock Aitken Waterman, with the 12 Inch version being remixed by Pete Hammond. The b-side was "It's Just A Matter Of Time".

The song wasn't a hit however, as the single was withdrawn just before its release. At the time, some record stores did receive copies of the single to sell. It's unclear though why the song was pulled so close to its actual release. Sophie Lawrence quit pop after this fiasco and returned to acting.


Secrets (Radio Edit)
Secrets (Extended Version)
It's Just A Matter Of Time


*Thanks to ManicKangaroo, Ingvar & Ash for helping with these.


Jan said...

Thanks for this, so much better than Love's unkind!! A true lost pop gem.