Thursday, 2 October 2008

Dannii Minogue - Love And Kisses

"Love And Kisses" was Dannii Minogue's debut single, released in February 1990 in Australia. The track peaked at #4 in the Australian charts and remained on the singles chart for 15 weeks.

For its UK release the track was remixed by Dancin' Danny D of D-Mob, transforming the song from it's original sound and giving it a much more dance/club feel. In the UK charts the song peaked at #8. In Ireland it reached #22, and in Japan it reached #14.


Love And Kisses (Single Remix)
Love And Kisses (12" Remix)
Love And Kisses (Acapella)
Love And Kisses (Original Mix)
Love And Kisses (Original Instrumental)



firenzefool said...

Thank you SO much!!! I LOVE Dannii, and I have trouble finding a lot of her music in the U.S.!