Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Five Star - I Give You Give

From 1995, this was the second single released from Five Star's "Heart & Soul" album, and was their last official new UK single for more than five years without the help of any record labels, except their own, Tent Records Inc. It was not a successful chart hit, peaking at #86 in the UK.

The single was released in three different colour sleeves: Blue, Orange and White. The video features four members of the band dancing in yellow high visibility jackets. Lead singer Denise was unable to dance, as she was pregnant with her first child.


I Give You Give (Radio Edit Remix)
I Give You Give (Radio Edit)
I Give You Give (Extended Club Mix)
I Give You Give (Fat Mix)
I Give You Give (Swung Out Mix)
I Give You Give (Radio Edit Remix #2)
I Give You Give (Extended Remix)
I Give You Give (Tuff Mix)
I Give You Give (Swung Out Radio)

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*This video is from a Daytime TV performance of the track.


Acid Burnzzz said...

thanks for this

BigBackDoor said...

I love this song.Doris sounds amaaaazing.
It should have been a BIG hit !
I'd not seen the tv performance before so thanks for that !