Thursday, 30 October 2008

Cathy Dennis - Irresistible

From 1992, this was the second single released from Cathy Dennis's "Into The Skyline" album. In the UK the song was used in an advertisement for Sky TV, but despite this fairly high profile usage it didn't fair to well in the charts, peaking at #24. In the US the song peaked at #61.

The song was different in style to her previous more dance-style singles, but it did feature club remixes from Shadowzone and also Dancin' Danny D of D-Mob fame.


Irresistible (Xtended Mix)
Irresistible (Shadowzone Club Mix)
Irresistible (Shadowzone Dub Mix)
Irresistible (Dan's Monstrous Club Mix)
Irresistible (Dan's Monotonous Dub Mix)