Thursday, 30 October 2008

Toni Basil - Word Of Mouth


From 1982, this was the debut album from American musician, video artist, actress and choreographer Toni Basil. It featured the smash-hit single "Mickey" (#1 in the US, #2 in the UK), as well as the follow-up singles "Nobody" (#52 in the UK) and "Shoppin' From A To Z" (#77 in the US).

"Mickey" was such a huge hit for the singer, and she never seemed able to match its success. Despite not being a massive success, "Word Of Mouth" is a good solid pop album.


Rock On
Shoppin' From A To Z
You Gotta Problem
Be Stiff
Little Red Book
Space Girls
Thief On The Loose
Time After Time


*Thanks to Steve for providing this album.


Consolecharlie said...

Thank you, thank you so much!!! I'm so happy now :D

Now if I can just find her second album I'd be in heaven lol :D

Thanks again :D

Pop Gems said...

I'll be posting her second album soon, so keep watching ;)

Donny said...

Thanks for posting Word of Mouth...why this is not on CD puzzles me. I downloaded everything successfully, but I cannot get the tracks to transfer to Itunes...any suggestions how to get them to play?

Donny said...

....never mind, answered my own question! I have not heard all these tracks as an album since 83!

Thanks so much, keep it coming.

Anonymous said...

Her second album would make my day!!!
Thanks in advance...

bad taste said...

can't add it to my itunes either! i can play it in preview and I love it so much, but help!!!

Rob said...

Did anyone get the not being able to add to itunes issue resolved? I also have successfully downloaded the files, but can't get them into iTunes. If anyone has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I've seen this problem before...its a problem with the ID tags...

here it is all tags fixed and lovely, working in iTunes

pw = devowhipit

(you should know why!)

the saucer people said...

I take it the 'devowhipit' password for the Itunes friendly version is because with the amount of Devo involvement (or should that be Devo-lvement!) this could legitimately be called 'Devo Featuring Toni Basil presents Word Of Mouth'!

If I remember rightly, she was going out with one of Devo at the time and some of the tracks are Devo fact the reason why I am here was to find a rip of her wonderful 'Space Girls' track which inturn is a rework of Devo's 'Space Girl Blues'!

I recently heard a 'cosmic disco' mix which featured 'Space Girls' and I was blown away by how fresh it sounded after all these years...the most I was hoping was to hunt down the track, never mind find the album!

Kudos to Pop Gems! Thank you so much for rescuing it from the memory hole....while most people remember Toni for her M****Y track, personally its the Easy Rider graveyard trip sequence which ensures a place in my heart!
She so fine.... ;)

Devo said...

Can you please fix the link for this awesome album?

It says the download is denied by the uploader/