Monday, 29 September 2008

Diana Ross - Paradise

From 1989, this was the second single released from the "Workin' Overtime" album. Where-as most of the tracks from the album were Soul/R&B in their style "Paradise" took a different route and was a (perhaps surprisingly) great modern dance song. It reached #11 in the U.S. Dance Charts but fared less well in the regular singles charts peaking at #61 in the UK. The 12 Inch and Maxi-singles featured remixes from Shep Pettibone and Robin Goodfellow.


Paradise (Album Version)
Paradise (Shep's 7" Remix)
Paradise (Shep's Exotic Mix)
Paradise (Shep's Desert Island Dub)
Paradise (Robin Goodfellow Mix)



Kenneth said...

Shep Pettibone hardly ever disappointed me with his mixes, I haven't heard this one before but it's a nice one. Very typical of that era, very much my cup of tea. Thx.

James said...

Thank you very much. I was lucky enough to get the CD single of this, but it didn't have the last mix on it so it's nice to hear it here.