Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Jellybean (feat Steven Dante) - The Real Thing

From 1987, this was the first single released from Jellybean's "Just Visiting This Planet" album. The track featured the vocals of Steven Dante, who had briefly entered the UK charts in 1986 with "Give It Up For Love", peaking at #78.

Teaming up with Jellybean proved worthwhile and provided a hit single for them both. "The Real Thing" peaked at #13 in the UK, and #82 in the US. Dante had three other minor hit singles, - "I'm Too Scared" (UK #34, July 1988), "Imagination" (UK #76, October 1988) and "Love Follows" (UK #91, January 1989).


The Real Thing
The Real Thing (12" Mix)
The Real Thing (El Barrio Mix)
The Real Thing (West 26th Street Mix)

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