Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Salt 'N' Pepa - You Showed Me

From 1991, "You Showed Me" was taken from Salt 'N' Pepa's 1990 album "Blacks' Magic". It also featured on their 1991 "Greatest Hits" album. Follow-up to the huge hit "Let's Talk About Sex", the track was a moderate success around the world, reaching #47 in America, #24 In Australia, #15 in the UK, and #13 in Germany.


You Showed Me (The Born Again Mix)
You Showed Me (The Born Again Club Mix)
You Showed Me (Album Version)

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Anonymous said...

Hi there Mr Popgems
It's great top see you back, posting the pop that refuses to die!

Nicksintothegroove said...

Once again, another song I loved as a kid & I had it on cassingle & then later found on vinyl. Glad to have it on my itunes now. Thanks soo much!

Elenilson Nascimento said...

Hello boy, blog the best!!!
I love Madonnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa is music!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you!
Elenilson (Brasil - Bahia)
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