Thursday, 26 February 2009

Maxx - Get-A-Way

Maxx was a German/Swedish Eurodance act. "Get-A-Way" featured rapper Boris Köhler (under the stage name of Gary B) & female singer Samira Besic on vocals. It was a dancefloor hit all over Europe, peaking at #4 in the UK Singles Chart in June 1994. By this time, Besic had already left the act for a solo career, and was replaced by Linda Meek.

More similar hits "No More (I Can't Stand It)" and "You Can Get It" followed, as well as an album entitled "To The Maxximum", but their success was short-lived. "I Can Make You Feel Like" was a flop, and another new single released in 1995 called "Move Your Body" failed to chart.


Get-A-Way (Airplay Mix)
Get-A-Way (Original Club Mix)
Get-A-Way (Piano Mix)
Get-A-Way (Red Jerry Mix)
Get-A-Way (Red Jerry Dub)
Get-A-Way (Get In Trance Mix)