Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Kim Wilde - Who Do You Think You Are?

From 1992, this was the third single taken from Kim Wilde's "Love Is" album. The previous single, "Heart Over Mind" had only been released in the UK, making this the second international single. The track was remixed slightly from the album version by Stephen Streater, and club remixes from Bruce Forest were also produced.

Wilde hadn't had a top 40 UK hit for three years, but had returned to the UK charts with the first single from the album "Love Is Holy" (UK #16, May 1992). "Heart Over Mind" had struggled, peaking at #34 in July 1992, and sadly "Who Do You Think You Are?" faired even worse peaking at #49 in September 1992. It certainly deserved better.

No further singles were released in the UK from "Love Is", although the song "Million Miles Away" was released as a remixed single in Japan and some parts of Europe.


Who Do You Think You Are? (7" Version)
Who Do You Think You Are? (Extended Version)
Who Do You Think You Are? (Bruce Forest 7" Remix)
Who Do You Think You Are? (Bruce Forest 12" Remix)
Who Do You Think You Are? (Bruce Forest Dub Mix)



gfunk said...

What can I say? When you're good, you're really good. I've been looking for those Bruce Forest remixes for years, especially the Dub version. Thanks so much. Keep up the good work. Any chance of getting the extended version of Aie A Mwana by Bananarama?

Joe said...

I have the Bruce Forest 7" on vinyl, but I've been looking for a digitized version of it for years. Thanks for making this available. I love your blog.

droopus said...

I agree thanks for posting these mixes. I haven't heard them since the year I did them! Nice blog../bruce

madico said...

Please, reupload the links. Are all broken. Thank you