Tuesday, 24 February 2009

East Side Beat - Ride Like The Wind

"Ride Like The Wind" was a cover version of the 1980 hit by Christopher Cross. East Side Beat's version of the track reached #3 in the UK charts in December 1991. The dance act would act two other minor hits - "Alive And Kicking" (UK #26, December 1992) & "You're My Everything" (UK #65, May 1993).


Ride Like The Wind (Factory Edit)
Ride Like The Wind (Factory Mix)
Ride Like The Wind (Piano Version)
Ride Like The Wind (Oceanic Remix)
Ride Like The Wind (Subway Mix)

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Hassan said...

Thanks a lot pal! Excellent post!

the saucer people said...

I remember first hearing this as the sun was rising at a free party in Cornwall and the entire crowd went wild! It was so bizarre how this 'soft rock' tune translated into a blissed out balearic monster! Of course looking back its a little cheesy (maybe the drugs were just better back in the day lol) but a couple of the mixes stand the test of time...nearly twenty years ago, where does the time go!

Great post, my 12 Inch version went walk about years ago so its great to hear it in such a high quality rip.

All hail Pop Gems!