Friday, 16 January 2009

Wet Wet Wet - Wishing I Was Lucky

From 1987, this was the debut single from Scottish band Wet Wet Wet. The band comprises Marti Pellow (vocals), Tommy Cunningham (drums, vocals), Graeme Clark (bass, vocals) and Neil Mitchell (keyboards, vocals). A fifth, unofficial member, Graeme Duffin (lead guitar, vocals), has been with them since 1983.

"Wishing I Was Lucky" performed well, reaching #6 in the UK charts & #58 in the US charts. Follow-up single "Sweet Little Mystery" also performed well, reaching #5 in the UK charts and debut album "Popped In Souled Out" hit #1 in the UK in January 1988.

The b-side to "Wishing I Was Lucky" was album track "Words Of Wisdom".


Wishing I Was Lucky
Wishing I Was Lucky (Extended Version)
Words Of Wisdom


*the video here is the US version.


grovegreener said...

Yes, a definite gem. I'd say "Words of Wisdom" was even more precious. WWW remade it for their album but it wasn't quite the same. "Words of Wisdom" had slick production, recalling Scritti Politti in bass and vocals.