Friday, 16 January 2009

Tina Turner - Nutbush City Limits (The 90's Version)

'Nutbush City Limits' was originally recorded and released in 1973, where it reached #4 in the UK charts. She re-recorded it in 1991, in a modern pop style, for inclusion on her 'Greatest Hits' album. It reached #23 in the UK singles chart. She again re-recorded the song in 1993 for the soundtrack album of 'What's Love Got To Do With It.'


Nutbush City Limits (The 90's Version 7" Mix)
Nutbush City Limits (The 90's Version 12" Mix)



Anonymous said...

thank you thank you thank you...i've been looking for this mix for a long time

mrbig1316 said...

Thanks for this! I'd been trying to get the 12" version back for years!

rabdsharpei said... it possible to re-up these mixes again? Would love to have them if possible! :-)

私が告白した:私は利用された said...

This re-recording of NUTBUSH CITY LIMITS is just divine! CJ Macintosh did a great job remixing the song! It is a shame it did not enter the UK Top 20 then. The 12" Mix of the fanvid which I made can be seen here: