Thursday, 15 January 2009

Five Star - If I Say Yes

From 1986, this was the 4th single released from Five Stars "Silk & Steel" album. It was the follow-up to the groups biggest UK hit single "Rain Or Shine" (UK #2).

The video was a rather comical affair, which showed the group staying in an old castle occupied by a Dracula-esque figure. He spends the video chasing lead singer Denise, and attempting to copy the groups dance movements - failing miserably.

"If I Say Yes" was a much more straight-up dance number than their previous single, and despite the video being full of fun & laughs the track wasn't as successful as perhaps they would've liked. It peaked at #15 in the UK chart and #13 in the US R&B chart.


If I Say Yes (Album Version)
If I Say Yes (Extended Version)
If I Say Yes (Sheps Urban Mix)
If I Say Yes (Sheps Urban Dub)
If I Say Yes (Lew Hahn US Dub Mix)



Kenneth said...

Of all their albums Silk & Steel is my favorite one, haven't listened to it for years though but it has some good songs. Also during the mid 80's we got cable after just having two TV channels with almost no programs showing music videos, very rarely anyway, so this also brings back memories of that.

brian said...

great post, thank you! i was a huge five star fan when this song came out. would you happen to have the shep pettibone mixes of are you man enough, too?

Anonymous said...

please reupload the file. thank you so much!!