Friday, 16 January 2009

Naomi Campbell - I Want To Live

Better known for her modelling that her singing, "I Want To Live" is taken from Naomi Campbells 1995 album "Babywoman". First single "Love & Tears" hadn't performed as well as she would've liked, and sadly "I Want To Live" went the same way. Despite boasting some impressive remixes from such famous names as Ben Liebrand, The Beatmasters, 808 State, and Junior Vasquez.

Although "Babywoman" was generally a worldwide flop it was a success in Japan, selling over 1 million copies.


I Want To Live (Album Version)
I Want To Live (Ben Liebrand Radio Version)
I Want To Live (Ben Liebrand Club Mix)
I Want To Live (Beatmasters 12" Mix)
I Want To Live (808 State Nouveau Electro Mix)
I Want To Live (Junior Vasquez Sound Factory Mix)


*thanks to Raul for help with these remixes.


Rich said...

I cannot believe you have this. I am so so happy. I have been looking for this for a few years. You totally rock.

hi said...

I love this jam. "Your eyes do more than kill" said...