Thursday, 1 May 2008

Cathy Dennis - Too Many Walls

From 1991, this was the third single taken from the album 'Move To This'. It was a departure for her at the time because she was becoming known as mainly releasing dance tracks. It reached #17 in the UK charts, #8 in the US and #57 in Australia.


Too Many Walls
Too Many Walls (L'Autre Mix)
Too Many Walls (Acappella)
Too Many Walls (Acoustic Mix)



Anonymous said...

links dead

Anonymous said...

Awww, so sad... I LOVE this song - one of my major nostalgic childhood radio memories. I got so excited thinking I'd be able to hear acapella, acoustic versions, etc. But I'm too late to discover your blog. :( No updates in 2010 makes me fear it's been abandoned and you'll never see this message...but I have to try, just in case. I'll bookmark and check back obsessively, hoping you reupload this precious rarity. :) Thanks very much in advance!


Anonymous said...

Updated link