Thursday, 8 May 2008

Betty Boo - Catch Me

From 1992, taken from the album 'GRRR! It's Betty Boo'. This track was only released in the US as a single. It was thought that it was a more commercial track for the US market. For its release it was given a set of remixes by David Morales.

As far as i'm aware a video was never filmed for the track, but if anyone has any further info on that then please let me know! It's a great track, and certainly deserves to be classed as a pop gem.


Catch Me (Album Version)
Catch Me (Original 12" Version)
Catch Me (12 Inch Version)
Catch Me (Def Version)
Catch Me (David's Instrumental)
Catch Me (U.K. Mix)
Catch Me (London Underground Mix)



Drexanale 2k5 said...

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gonzo00420 said...

Thanks for all the Betty Boo =)
I really loved her music and still do. MORE BETTY! :()