Friday, 16 May 2008

Army Of Lovers - Crucified

'Crucified' is a 1991 song recorded by the Swedish band Army of Lovers. It is the first single from their second album Massive Luxury Overdose and the seventh single of the band. It was released from May 1991 (in Sweden) to February 1992 (in France). A re-edition that features on Massive Luxury Overdose (US Version) was made in 1992, and became a huge hit there. "Crucified" is probably the most known song of Army of Lovers.

It was recorded by Jean-Pierre Barda (vocals, drums), Alexander Bard (vocals, computer) and La Camilla (vocals, bass) who also feature in the videoclip. The two remixes available on the CD maxi and 12" maxi are made by Nuzak.

The song achieved a great success in several European countries, including Sweden, Austria and Switzerland, where it managed to reach the top 10. It even reached the number 1 spot in Belgium, and also in Finland where it charted 13 weeks on the Top-20.


Crucified (Album Version)
Crucified (Candygirls Remix)
Crucified (Crucifixion Hardcore '92 Mix)
Crucified (Judas Mix)
Crucified (Judas Mix Dubstramental)
Crucified (Teknosstradamus Mix)
Crucified (Teknostalgia Mix)
Crucified (The Maffia Mix)
Crucified (The Nuzak Remix)
Crucified (Yherushalaim Dub)

*Thanks to Drexanale 2k5 for providing the mixes & links.


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Thanks for those remixes, it's a great group and Excelent Song!!!

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Thanks for a brilliant blog!
Never got my hands on the US CD single of Obsession, if you have any of the US mixes (i.e. Compulsion Radio Edit, Compulsion Mix, Shadowzone Dub, Techno-Schizo Mix) could you please post them, thank you.

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You can download Army Of Lovers complete singles collection on this site:

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