Monday, 22 December 2008


As some of you may or may not know, the PWL catalogue should be going digital in the new year. Previously released and (hopefully) unreleased PWL gems will be available for digital download. Full details have yet to emerge, but in support of these downloads I will be removing all the PWL owned posts on the blog. This will happen over the next few days, so if there's something you haven't downloaded then grab it now before it disappears.

More information on the digital PWL/PWE catalogue can be found at the PWE Official site:

If you visit there you can also listen to clips of unreleased PWL tracks from:

Big Fun & Sonia
Samantha Fox
Hazell Dean
Boy Krazy
Donna Summer
Mandy Smith
& many others..

Also there is news on the forthcoming re-releases of the Princess, Mandy Smith, and Lonnie Gordon albums.

Keep checking the PWE site for news, and PLEASE support the legitimate downloads when they happen.



dborhem said...

Very nice suggestion,although i enjoy the downloads you put on here i will support the full PWL-back catalogue.

Xian said...

I hope the PWL tracks will be available through the U.S. iTunes store too. There are lots of tracks on the U.K. iTunes store that I simply can't buy because I live here.

Anonymous said...

Pity I missed out on free d/ls. I do hope PWE make their downloads available on all iTunes, not just the UK site!

Anonymous said...

Well, like Kylie sung, "Too much of a good thing"! Hey, they always come to end!!! Thanks for the share!

RV said...

I can't believe this could be happening... I hope they'll be available in a better quality than itunes 128kb drm tracks... a download platform on pwe site would be fine if it's for mp3 on 192k/320kb downloads and I cross my fingers so that all these unreleased songs we get snippets of suple of months will be there too !!!! I dunno how this would be possible though with the labels rights mess !

michael said...

Do you mind if I make a clip of your Leigh Jaeger mix and post it on YouTube so I can share it's brilliance with people?

Mr Sleaze said...

The Princess, Lonnie and Mandy cd album reissues are now available to pre-order, release date April 13th.

More news

Also, just to confirm that the PWE tracks will be released digitally worldwide, not just UK.