Friday, 5 December 2008

Big Fun - Living For Your Love

Does anyone out there have any of the further mixes of "Living For Your Love"? House Mix and Garage Mix. If so, please contact me. Thanks!

From 1989, this was the debut single from boyband Big Fun. It was produced by respected dance music producer Marshall Jefferson. For its release it was given a set of remixes, including House Mix, Garage Mix and Blow The Amp Mix.

Unfortunately the track was not a chart success and failed to reach the UK top 100. Big Fun continued their career recording with Stock Aitken Waterman and other PWL producers. "Living For Your Love" was not included on their debut album.


Living For Your Love (7" Radio Mix)
Living For Your Love (Extended Mix)
Living For Your Love (Instrumental)


*Thanks to RV for these tracks.

Also, here's a mix that was featured on the album "Jive Presents Acid House".

Living For Your Love (Blow The Amp Mix)


*Thanks to Tim for this mix.


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