Saturday, 13 December 2008

Gayle and Gillian - Wanna Be Your Lover

From 1994, this was the third single from Gayle & Gillian (a.k.a. The Twins) and was a cover version of the 1980 hit by Prince. Gayle & Gillian Blakeney are probably most famous for appearing in the Australian soap opera "Neighbours" in the early 90's. Following the success of former "Neighbours" actors Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan as recording artists, the Blakeneys went to England in 1991 to record with Stock Aitken Waterman as "The Twins". The resulting single, "All Mixed Up," became a modest club hit that year, and peaked at #77 in the UK Pop chart that year (peaking at #74 in Australia).

Second single "Mad If Ya Don't!" fared slightly better than the previous single, peaking at #75 in the UK charts. "Wanna Be Your Lover" became their biggest chart hit, peaking at #62 in the UK charts.


Wanna Be Your Lover (Superfly Radio Edit)
Wanna Be Your Lover (Club Edit)
Wanna Be Your Lover (Love Mix)
Wanna Be Your Lover (Underground Mix)
Wanna Be Your Lover (Superfly Club Mix)
Wanna Be Your Lover (Lots Of Love Mix)



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