Sunday, 9 March 2008

Luciana - Get It Up For Love

Luciana is probably most well-known for her 2006 hit 'Yeah Yeah' with Bodyrox, and the 2008 hit with Taio Cruz 'Come On Girl'. She has very distinctive vocals now, but at the time she sounded a lot like Cathy Dennis. In fact, one of the remixers for her debut single was long-time Cathy Dennis collaborator Dancin' Danny D.

'Get It Up For Love' was Luciana's debut single from 1994. It reached #55 in the UK charts. The b-side to the single was the theme tune to the UK TV show 'Sister Sister', which was quite popular at the time.


Get It Up For Love
Sister Sister
Get It Up For Love (Riff & Hum Club Mix)
Get It Up For Love (Monster Club Mix)



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