Monday, 2 March 2009

Thereza Bazar - Gotcha!

Thereza Bazar is one half of UK pop vocal duo Dollar. In 1985 she released a solo album "The Big Kiss". Two singles were released from the album, title track "The Big Kiss" & "Too Much In Love" but met with little success. Problems at the time with the promotion of the album meant that that also was a commercial failure.

"Gotcha" was not featured on her solo album. It's taken from the soundtrack of the little known 1985 movie "Gotcha!" Starring Anthony Edwards as Jonathan, a college student on vacation in Europe for the first time. He gets involved in an affair with a beautiful, mysterious woman. This leads to Jonathan becoming a target for spies. Woo! lol

A lame movie plot, but a great pop song!





Mikeyten said...

Here you go Thereza Bazar Album,

And Here are the Dollar hits,enjoy

Mikeyten said...

Thought you might like these too David Van Day singles,
Young Americans Talking,She Said She Said,Ringing The Bell(with Music Academy)and A Fist Full Of Dollar(Awfull!!)

Also Paul Bevoir feat Theraza Bazar on vocals,1981, Dont Ask Ronnie.Nice Track.

Enjoy, Mikeyten