Monday, 2 March 2009

Thereza Bazar - The Big Kiss

Thereza Bazar is one half of UK pop vocal duo Dollar. She released one solo album in 1985 called The Big Kiss, which she co-wrote. It was produced by Arif Mardin and featured the singles "The Big Kiss" and "Too Much in Love". The album reportedly cost half a million pounds to produce and generated media attention, but according to Bazar, the album's circulation was poor due to a mix-up at the record company, with the album unavailable at the time of its advertised release. Today Bazar mentions the incident as the most upsetting of her career, but she has high regard for the album, saying it had "a strong pedigree.

Despite it's lack of success, i'd agree with Bazar's regard for the "The Big Kiss". It's a great 80's pop album, and definitely well worth a listen.


The Big Kiss
I See It In Your Eyes
Too Much In Love
English Girl Should Not, No! No!
Give Me Back My Heart
Never Make The Same Mistake
Traitor Of The Heart
Save Me
Give Yourself Up
You're All I Ever Wanted


*Thanks to Mikeyten for this!


Anonymous said...

Thanks! Wanted to hear this for years! It's really good.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! I love this record and I had it on LP. Now I can listen to it again on mp3. This is a hard to find hidden gem! :)

Anonymous said...

Cant activate any links

Edu P.R said...

Could you re-upload the album, please? :)

Anonymous said...

Any chance you could re-upload please?