Monday, 11 June 2012

Sox - Go For The Heart

From 1995, "Go For The Heart" was Samantha Fox's entry in "Song for Europe", the competition to select the UK's entry for the annual Eurovision Song Contest. She performed the song as lead singer of the group Sox, but failed to reach Eurovision after finishing 4th in the public vote. The song however was still released as a single in the UK, peaking at #47 in April of that year.

"Go For The Heart" was also released elsewhere in Europe - in some countries under the banner of Sox, and elsewhere it was released as a solo Samantha Fox single with Italian & Dutch Club Remixes.


Go For The Heart (Radio Version)

Go For The Heart (Foxy Club Mix)

Go For The Heart (Original Version)

Go For The Heart (Heartstrumental)

Go For The Heart (Sexy Sox A Pella)

Go For The Heart (Drum & Bass Mix)

Go For The Heart (Delightful Dub)



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