Saturday, 23 August 2008

Corona - Try Me Out

From 1995, "Try Me Out" was the third single released by Italian dance group Corona. Although the public was led to believe that front-woman Olga Souza was the act's singer, the vocals in "Try Me Out" were actually performed by Sandra Chambers. Also known as Sandy Chambers, she performed vocals on the groups other singles "Baby Baby" & "I Don't Wanna Be A Star". Chambers also performed as vocalist on the other tracks featured on the groups debut album, with the exception of the track "Rhythm Of The Night" which was performed by Jenny Bersola.

"Try Me Out" peaked at #43 in New Zealand, #40 in Germany, #23 in Switzerland, #20 in Austria, #17 in Sweden, #11 in France, #10 in Australia, #7 in Ireland and #6 in the UK.


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