Saturday, 19 July 2008

The Reynolds Girls - Get Real

The Reynolds Girls, Linda and Aisling, were a pair of sisters from Liverpool, England. They became a one hit wonder in 1989 with the Stock, Aitken & Waterman track "I'd Rather Jack" that started out as a response to critics who ignored the younger Pop acts in the UK at the time.

After the success of "I'd Rather Jack" the duo were set to record a full album with the producers, but shortly before starting recording it they split from PWL over creative differences (Waterman later stated that they refused to cancel a pre-booked holiday in order to record and promote their second single, a move he felt was arrogant). They later put out a follow up single, "Get Real", but the record was unsuccessful and the duo would fall off the music radar for good.


Get Real(Single Version)
Get Real (Hip House Radio Edit)
Get Real (12" Version)


*Thanks to Ian for the 12" Version!


Anonymous said...

thanx popgems for this! i always had a soft spot for those two girls. the story of preferring to keep the scheduled holiday instead of promoting the album made me smile. They could have been so big :-)

Anonymous said...

Super PWL track! Don't let that Oliver spoil it!

Oliver said...

Be careful theres some dickheads on the hit factory forum with big egos think they own the fucking forum.

MultiMediaJockey said...


Richard the Big Bunny said...

Link has died. I'd love to hear this! Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

Ha that's ironic, their last single was "Get Real". If they'd followed their own advice they might have been more than a one-hit wonder. Pete Waterman was right: you don't blow the chance of a lifetime for a holiday.