Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Chip Chip - Everything You Love

I know very little about this 80's girl group but recently stumbled upon this track from them on an "Italo Hits" compilation. Taking info from, I can tell you is that "Everything You Love" is from 1988. They appear to have released three singles prior to that, "Never Say Goodbye", "Rock Me Tonight", "So Close To Heaven". A further single followed in 1988, "No More Tears". In 1989, "Let Me Give You All My Love". In 1990, a single and an album both entitled "Close To Me". And then further singles, "Radio", "Motion", "Nobody Nobody", "Let The Music Play" and "Oh Guy", until 1993. Information overload I know!

Anyway, "Everything You Love" is a great little late-80's dance track. The live video is a joy to watch, as their dancing is really quite.....unique!


Everything You Love (Edit)

Everything You Love (Dolce Vita Edit)



Anonymous said...

thanks - this is a great track - it sounds very very similar to amanda lears 'everytime you touch me' - i think amandas song must of been based and re-written on this one.

SparkLeé said...

Does anyone have they're album "Close To Me"? I'd love to hear more from these girls