Monday, 8 June 2009

Cathy Dennis - You Lied To Me

From 1992, this was the first single to be taken from Cathy Dennis's third album 'Into The Skyline'. Surprisingly, the track peaked at #34 in the UK charts and #32 in the US charts. Two further singles were released from the album, 'Irresistable' & 'Falling'. The track 'Why' was featured on the album and was also released as a single in 1994, but under the name 'D-Mob with Cathy Dennis'.


You Lied To Me (Radio Edit)

You Lied To Me (Sprayed With Shep's Attitude Mix)

You Lied To Me (Pathological Mix)

You Lied To Me (Domination Mix)

You Lied To Me (Dan's Club Mix)

You Lied To Me (Dan's Dub Mix)



Anonymous said...

nice one thanks. always loved this track. this, Irresistible, Falling & Why were all great singles and deserved better success. never had the Radio Edit so it's cool to have a shorter version. :-)

ONIT said...

Oh how I love D-Mob and Cathy's first album. Thanks for reminding!

Oni Yumul said...

Is there no way to re-upload the dead links? Thanks.