Sunday, 10 February 2008

Voggue - Dancin' The Night Away

Voggue were a female disco duo from Cananda, consisting of Chantal Condor and Angela Songui. 'Dancin' The Night Away', from 1981, was their biggest hit. They had another hit called 'Love Buzz' but the duo split after failing to have any other hits.


Dancin' The Night Away (Radio Edit)
Dancin' The Night Away (Extended Version)


Anonymous said...

This was actually Denyse LePage from the Canadian group LIME! She did the vocals but they used models to act as a 'front' for the group as Denyse had no intention of Vougge being a premanent project, preferring to concentrate instead on LIME.

Stef said...

Chantal and Angela were the actual singers and released two albums as Voggue. Although "Dancin' The Night Away" and "Love Buzz" were their biggest hits on the dance charts, they had another pair of popular singles in Canada in 1983 with "I Love To Dance" and "Sun Struck Lovers".

Chantal Condor released solo albums in 1986, 1989 (as Chantal) and in 2006 (as Chantal Chamandy, her real name), which received considerable considerable airplay in Canada.

From what I gather, Angela never recorded again, at least as a solo artist.