Wednesday, 20 February 2008

The Cat - Tongue Tied

This song was featured in the BBC comedy show 'Red Dwarf', in the series 2 episode called 'Parallel Universe'. Danny John-Jules, who played The Cat in the show, released it at a single in 1993. It reached #17 in the UK charts.


Tongue Tied
Tongue Tied (Kateoke Mix)
Tongue Tied (Tabby Ranks Mix)
Tongue Tied (Meeow Mix)
Tongue Tied (Paws Mix)
Tongue Tied (Pussy Mix)
Tongue Tied (Instrumental)


Anonymous said...

thanks for posting this - i thought i'd imagined that it actually WAS a single release but here's the proof! i was actually misremembering that it was a rip-off of build me up buttercup but in fact it's a good little silly song in its own right. please keep on posting - i'm loving what you're giving

Anonymous said...

The Tabby Ranks, Meeow, and Pussy Mixes, as well as the Instrumental versions are missing.