Sunday, 6 April 2008

Nick Kamen - I Promised Myself 2004

'I Promised Myself' was originally released by Nick Kamen in 1990. It was a moderate hit in Europe, reaching #1 in Austria and Sweden, #3 in Switzerland, #11 in France and #42 in Holland. The track was given a remix and a re-release in 2004.


I Promised Myself (2004 Radio Edit)
I Promised Myself (2004 Extended Mix)



Anonymous said...

i LOVE Nick Kamen - my first crush lol - this was a fantastic remix - have you heard the 2007 remix of 'each time you break my heart'? - awesome

I wish Nick Kamen would do a come back ;-) his 'whatever whenever' album was a master piece.

Thanks Steven

Anonymous said...

Thanks, been looking for this! Would love to heart that remix of Each Time, please post.

Anonymous said...

links dead