Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Toyah - Echo Beach

From 1987, this cover of the 1980 Martha & The Muffins hit was the lead single from Toyah's "Desire" album. Unfortunately it wasn't a big hit and stalled at #54 in the UK charts. Follow-up single "Moonlight Dancing" fared even worse, not even entering the charts.


Echo Beach
Echo Beach (Surf Mix)



Michael said...

Hi there,

I have been looking for this Toyha track (Echo Beach) but can not find it. Could you put this up again as the link is dead. Thank you I would be very happy.


Michael said...

Thank you for uping this for me. I thank you again.


darkdance said...

Your surf mix is interesting. It's three minutes longer than the surf mix on the vinyl 12" single. Any idea where you got it or who made it?